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Words of Wisdom for a Successful Career

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you chose your career/profession? QuickPoll respondents speak up!

  • Formal business acumen is important.
  • Have excellent financial management skills, as your backbone. Critical thinking is essential. Also, get your MBA.
  • Learn to lead, and observe and absorb the professional skills that aren't taught in college.
  • Develop a network of professionals in all fields. Recognize the skills you have that are transferable.
  • Education is very important. Society seems to be very informal these days and the "anything goes" attitude is pervasive in the college culture. But, strong business skills are a must for achieving future success.
  • Learn that you aren't selling out if you work hard and act/dress/conduct yourself professionally.
  • I was naive and thought that once I chose a career that was it. My advice -- be flexible, look out for opportunity, even change leading to new work. Change is a constant in the workplace. You have to constantly be broadening your horizons. If you want to succeed, you have to look for opportunities; they won't just fall in you lap.
  • Importance of Strong communication skills -- I know how to speak with a purpose. I have learned the importance of formulating my thoughts before letting them go, even in a hurried moment. I take the time to think about my comments and what they could imply if spoken in the wrong tone.
  • Smaller office environments enable greater learning potential on the job. You tend to do more than just your designated assignment, which quickly builds you a diverse and strong skill set for future endeavors.

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