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The Career Exposure Network™ Shares Top Job Search Tips For a Tight Market

Online and offline exposure helps job seekers get noticed:

A tight employment market is creating new demands on job seekers according to The Career Exposure Network™. "With more candidates applying for each open position, standing apart from the competition is increasingly critical to getting the offer letter," stated JillXan Donnelly of CareerExposure.com.

"The rules for job seeking are changing and candidates need to switch up their game to make new connections and learn new skills that will get them noticed."

To this end, Career Exposure offers the latest tips to getting noticed.

  1. Make every resume unique: Gone are the days where one resume or cover letter will get the interview. Customize every resume and cover letter to showcase why your skills and experience make you the best match for each job.
  2. Use broad and niche job-seeking tools: Broad job sites are easy one-stop-shops for job seeking, but don't overlook niche sites that are tailored by profession, industry, skill set or gender. By using these sites, such as CareerWomen.com, DiversitySearch.com and MBACareers.com, job seekers can connect with employers that are targeting their specific demographic. Who can afford to miss that?
  3. Employ virtual and in-person networking strategies: Certainly call and e-mail former co-workers, colleagues and business associates to get connections. You should also join associations or volunteer in your area of interest to create new contacts. Use online networks such as LinkedIn and build connections virtually. Consider jumping into social networks such as Twitter where you can find, follow and chat with people who work at companies or in industries you find of interest.
  4. Take a class for content and connections: Staying sharp is one reason for taking a class; however, other reasons could include making new connections by way of classmates or the professor. Classes can also add extra beef to your resume that will demonstrate your commitment to your career and skills.
  5. Stay positive: A positive attitude is tremendously appealing to an employer, both current and future. Look at your job search as an adventure that will have both high and low points. Being positive about the process, while sometimes challenging, will help you get through it.

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