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Stay Safe Online

While online job banks can be a great resource for helping you narrow down the seemingly endless pool of listings, not all sites are equal. In order to maximize your job searching efforts and attempt to avoid online scams, you should look for an online job bank that includes detailed postings from reputable companies.

By taking the proper precautions, the Web can be a safe and effective place for you to find that perfect job. These five tips from Consumer Affairs can help you avoid the phishers and fraudsters and safely navigate through the pool of online job listings:

  1. Do not disclose your Social Security Number.
  2. Do not give out financial information.
  3. Check the company's contact info and Web site.
  4. Watch for indications that the listing is bogus - misspellings/bad grammar, email address not affiliated with the company's domain name, etc.
  5. Be cautious of postings from overseas employers.

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