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Share Your Advice and Strategies for Helping to Find Work/Life Balance

We asked our viewers: What advice would you give a friend who feels they are not balancing their work and life? Here are a few of their insightful responses.

"Even if you work long hours by choice or necessity, you have to try to make the most of your time off. Plan an activity with family or friends at least once a week. Exercise regularly; try to have dinner with your spouse, family or a friend on a regular basis. Go to church, enjoy being a spectator at a sports event, go for a long walk, help a neighbor out...these things all keep your life in perspective no matter how busy you are."

- MBA Female Comment

"Love what you do. Find fulfillment in hard work. And enjoy each day. Plan your life outside of work--don't just sit back and hope something happens, make it happen!"

- CareerWomen.com viewer comment

"My work is a part of my life. I'm in the early years of building my career and want to move up quickly. I know that I need to establish myself now, this is my decision. I work hard to accomplish a lot. It's like an athlete, if you want to be at the top of the game, you have to put in the hours--and be self-driven. If you enjoy what you do, ultimately this contributes to your happiness and sense of fulfillment."

- CarrerWomen.com viewer comment (woman in the technology industry)

"Enjoy your weekends. There's plenty of time to have a full life. I hear so many people complain, but these are the ones that don't ever do anything with their time off. Get up early and workout, after work spend time with your family and friends. At least one weekend per month, plan an activity. Live your life!"

- CareerExposure viewer comment (male professional in the financial services industry)

"Work hard so you will be able to provide for your family. Hard work is a good and admirable trait. The American economy has been built on the efforts and hard work of those who have come before. I think too many people are afraid of working hard. Yes, it does require compromise, but what doesn't?"

- MBACareer.com male viewer comment

"Plan, prioritize & schedule better. Don't be afraid of hard work."

- DiversitySearch.com viewer comment


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