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Resume Mistakes

Employers and recruiters tell The Career Exposure Network&trade that candidates continue to make serious mistakes with their resumes. For example, sending a resume that is not tailored to the position, is full of typos, or is outdated will immediately disqualify them for getting an interview. In this market, getting the interview is critical.

Recruiters and employers are looking for the following:

  1. A cover letter is expected -- send a resume AND a cover letter.
  2. Functional is out -- Chronological is in!
  3. Appropriate and professional email addresses -- don't use addresses that are in poor taste such as hotchick@aol.com.
  4. Qualified applicants -- don't apply if you are over or under qualified for the position.
  5. Factual not fluff -- don't overdo on the accomplishments.
  6. Attachments are OK but with conditions -- If you send an attachment,make sure it is a Word document or send a plain text version

Employers do have preferences about receiving resumes. When polled, more than 50% responded that they prefer to view resumes in an online resume bank, while only 11% said that they want to receive a resume via postal mail and only 7% prefer to have a link to an online resume.

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