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Networking Tips for Career Advancement

Establish networks with professionals in your current or desired fields.

Search for and attend association events, cocktail receptions and critical seminars that will attract the people you should know.

Be prepared to talk with new people.

Draft a few questions and statements that will help get the conversation going. Ask what inspired your new contact to join his/her company or what experience he/she brings to the job. Share your positive experiences, what you've learned and your intended career path. Get his/her contact information!

Look for mutual opportunities.

Perhaps your new contact could benefit from your friend's business. Offer to make an introduction. Maybe your new contact knows someone working at your dream company. Ask if he/she would consider sharing your information with that person. Look for reasons to maintain contact and share resources. Be reliable! Don't promise something that you can't deliver.

Keep in touch!

Mark your new contact's business card with the date you last spoke. Follow up every few months just to say hello, see how business is going, set a coffee date...anything that will keep you top of mind. Nearly all networked affiliates share job leads, business leads or tips that can help you achieve your goals.

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