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Workforce Recruitment and Position Specialist

Buffalo, New York ~ April 26, 2021

["Service excellence\r\n•\tTurnaround time\r\n•\tEmail and phone customer service expectations\r\n\r\nExpand and develop expert central HR services in all functional areas\r\n•\tTrain the customer\r\n•\tProblem resolution\r\n\r\nPost vacancy announcements\r\n•\tMeet with departments to develop posting announcements\r\n•\tPost vacancies\r\n•\tMonitor postings throughout their posting cycle\r\n\r\nServe on search committees\r\n•\tServe on search committees as a recruitment representative \r\n•\tServe as advisor to members of a search committee as appropriate", "•\tUpgrade and improve the search process at UB for faculty and staff\r\n•\tPartake and contribute to internal and external dialogs and trainings", "Implement annual negotiated increases\r\n•\tServe on a team for the implementation of annual discretionary and salary increases\r\n•\tResearch and analyze data\r\n•\tIdentify discrepancies\r\n•\tPrepare reports\r\n•\tDevelop communication letters\r\n•\tData enter award and adjustment amounts\r\n•\tResolve system discrepancies\r\n•\tParticipate in planning meetings\r\n•\tRespond to customer inquiries\r\n", "Expand and develop expert central HR services in all functional areas\r\n•\tExpand and develop expert central HR services in all functional areas\r\n•\tIndividual development", "Analyze and align position descriptions with salary range and titles \r\n•\tReview and approve position descriptions for classification alignment across all position types\r\n•\tReview and approve FLSA analyses for positions across all position types\r\n•\tConduct salary analyses for state professional positions at the time of position review and other positions upon request\r\n•\tMaintain CUPA data in SUNY HRIS\r\n•\tPartner with Helio/ABC team to gather position information\r\n•\tAssist department in position planning and reimaging how to utilize vacant positions or reorganize functions using existing staff\r\n•\tApprove position descriptions related to the university performance system and assist in the resolution of employee and job description discrepancies between the two systems.\r\n•\tRespond to surveys\r\n\r\nScore civil service examinations and manage civil service lists \r\n•\tReceive and evaluate examinations for decentralized competitive classified titles\r\n•\tCommunicate with candidates according to civil service guidelines\r\n•\tSend canvass letters for competitive classified postings through ELMS and CREF programs\r\n•\tCommunicate list statuses to recruiting departments\r\n•\tRecord list responses as appropriate\r\n"]

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