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Assistant Technical Specialist, University Police

Buffalo, New York ~ April 07, 2021

["Will implement and support technology based needs for the entire department.", "Coordinate bid specifications, cost estimates and system implementation for all campuses. Will provide ongoing support including managing relationships with UB stakeholders and outside vendors.", "Maintain, oversee and coordinate with proper university personnel and vendor.", "•\tOversee, maintain, support and coordinate with appropriate university personnel all University Police workstations and tablets at all departmental locations on the North, South and Downtown campus’s as well as all mobile tablets in Police Patrol cars.\r\n•\tOversee, maintain, support and coordinate with appropriate vendors the University Police radio system which includes software based dispatch consoles, portable and mobile radio units.\r\n•\tResponsible to oversee, maintain and coordinate with appropriate university personnel for the support and maintenance of the University Police recording applications which include radio transmissions, VoIP and analog phone calls.\r\n•\tProvide application training and support for University Police staff. Applications include both commercial products (e.g. Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe products, etc.) as well as systems specific to University Police and Law Enforcement Agencies.\r\n•\tAssist with the maintenance of the University Police vehicle fleet to include in-car electronics, emergency lighting, mobile radios and in-car tablets.\r\n•\tEnsures all University Police systems are fully operational and that any loss of service is restored in a timely and efficient manner."]

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