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Associate Director, Ctr. of Excellence in Writing (CEW)

Buffalo, New York ~ March 18, 2020

["Supervise student and professional staff writing center employees in the Main Center (209 Baldy) and the Writing Lab (128 Capen) monitor the schedule and the flow of traffic, deal with staff, student, facilities or service problems as they arise, monitor consulting quality, and maintain effective communication between student staff members and campus-wide faculty, staff or student writers utilizing the center.\r\n\r\nIncumbent is responsible for the hiring, departmental orientation and training of new employees as well as day-to-day supervision. Develop content and conduct occasional professional development workshops for writing consultant staff in-line with research best practices. The incumbent oversees the provision of writing instruction and support to diverse constituents including undergraduate students, graduate students, and non-Native English speaking students, requiring an advanced level of understanding of the curricular goals and complex processes of writing development for these various demographics. \r\n\r\nIncumbent will be in charge of the WCOnline scheduling system which coordinates the work of 45 or more student writing consultants seeing 200 – 250 writers per week in two locations. Each semester the schedule must be built according to the availabilities of each student employee to assure adequate coverage throughout hours of operation. Schedule must be continually monitored to assure appropriate matches and adjusted for call-outs or mismatches. Settings must be appropriate to assure proper communication with writers as well as enforcement of Center usage limits. Client reports and writer satisfaction surveys must be monitored, and proper data gathered for assessment. \r\n\r\nReview and approve staff timesheets.", "Incumbent is responsible for overseeing maintenance of and performing basic text updates to the CEW website and serves as liaison to IT to ensure overall content is current. \r\n\r\nResponsible for maintaining the Center’s social media presence. \r\n\r\nCreate and develop marketing and outreach materials including print and electronic brochures, web content, flyers and newsletters; managing our campus outreach such as coordination and facilitation of presentations and tabling events to outside groups or on-campus units regarding Center writing services.\r\n\r\nManage CEW presence at outreach events such as new student orientations, campus involvement fairs for current students, Admissions open house events, and assess impact through related student involvement."]

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