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Graduate Programs Coordinator

Buffalo, New York ~ November 07, 2019

["• Coordinating with directors of graduate studies on determination and communication of students’ performance and academic status at the end of each semester\r\n• Conveying and interpret academic policies to students and school administrators\r\n• Collaborating with directors of graduate studies to ensure an efficient and timely application review process in an effort to send out earlier acceptance letters and ultimately increase degree enrollment\r\n• Ensuring all student appointment and tuition waivers/fee adjustments are created and submitted in a timely manner at inception \r\n• Scheduling courses in the student information system (HUB) and work with other academic departments as needed for scheduling and reserving seats for students based on program requirements", "• Updating and maintaining student records in each academic program, ensure students are maintaining academic status and are meeting degree requirements in timely manner\r\n• Managing student Academic Advising Reports (AAR) in HUB, inputting milestones towards attaining degree requirements, and managing degree conferral paperwork for students in masters and doctoral programs", "Assisting with recruitment and admissions activities, department functions, and alumni activities and other related events as needed"]

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