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Assistant Director for Recruitment Communications, Marketing and Engagement

Buffalo, New York ~ July 24, 2019

["•\tSeek out, engage, and respond to inquiries from prospective graduate students in person, by email, phone or other digital medium to personalize the admissions process. \r\no\tBuild relationships with prospective students (with emphasis in online/non-traditional) and constituents to enhance yield.\r\n•\tMaintain all recruitment information and activities in the Slate CRM system.\r\n•\tEngage with new and existing networks of company representatives, alumni and current students to increase visibility of Engineering Management online program.\r\n•\tWork very closely and collaboratively with the Department of Industrial and System Engineering, faculty, and graduate program director, staff to support them in their aggressive recruitment and enrollment efforts. \r\n•\tMaintain and aggressively grow prospect and lead database for Engineering Management Online program.\r\n•\tParticipate in the management and development of a comprehensive electronic communication plan.", "•\tDevelop and implement a comprehensive social media recruitment strategy in coordination geared mostly towards the engagement of online students.\r\n•\tRecommend new content for the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Graduate Education page with a focus on engagement and recruitment. \r\n•\tMaintain and develop content for electronic communications (microsites, academic department websites, student profiles, admission/recruitment materials, Search Services such as: GRE; prospect cloud; GMAT, SEO, etc.) geared towards attracting mostly online students.\r\n•\tOutreach through various social media platforms (you tube, facebook, linkedin, twitter, Instagram, etc.) to increase engagement.\r\n•\tResearch opportunities to expand and improve the web presence of the Engineering Management program.", "•\tDevelop strategic and targeted email marketing campaigns designed to increase engagement and relationship building for all students with an emphasis on non-traditional/online students. \r\n•\tManage Slate CRM and various external marketing and outreach tools to measure the ROI of our messaging efforts.\r\n•\tWork closely with SEAS Communication to assist in the creation of content for both printed and digital marketing materials."]

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