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Peer Coach Facilitator

Buffalo, New York ~ May 13, 2019

["Design and evaluate intensive onboarding and training program for all student employees. Development of comprehensive training curriculum for paraprofessionals (graduate and undergraduate) working directly with students on career development design and skill building. Collaborate with staff members to ensure comprehensive training that integrates theory and practice consistently across the department. Conduct ongoing assessment of training curriculum and modify on an ongoing basis. Integrate professional development programming for all peer coaches and student employees.", "Provide direct supervision to all student employees (graduate and undergraduate) across functional areas. Troubleshoot daily staffing challenges in the career lab and serve as a resource to student employees. Design student learning outcomes for all student employees, including integration of career competency acquisition and management of student evaluation process. Design interactive evaluation program to ensure content mastery that is incorporated into the student experience from day one.", "Conduct daily operationalizing of student services in the career lab including the scheduling of necessary personnel. Perform administrative functions related to the hiring and onboarding of student assistant and paraprofessional teams. Design and conduct innovative and intentional recruitment program designed to attract the highest quality candidates for student assistant/paraprofessional positions at Career Services.", "Other duties as assigned to meet the needs of the department"]

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