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Assistant to the Chair

Buffalo, New York ~ May 08, 2019

["• Assist Chair in development of annual departmental budgets including departmental guidelines and procedures \r\n• Coordinates and monitors adjunct budget with CAS & the Chair.\r\n• Authorizes disbursements and expenditures, prepares and\r\nreviews budgets, and arranges budget revisions as necessary.\r\n• Serves as accounts signatory.\r\n• Maintains accurate records that account for all expenditures from all funding sources.\r\n• Processes expenditure paperwork, eReqs, procurement card forms.\r\n• Responsible for paying all departmental bills and authority on purchases.\r\n• Prepare all student financial awards.", "• Prepare and/or verify all transactions (ePTFs) for department in a timely manner (ensuring employees are paid on time and/or removed from payroll in a timely manner) and that budgets are appropriately impacted.\r\n• Coordinate department personnel searches, especially faculty searches including logistics of campus visits.\r\n• Coordinate preparation of faculty Dossiers for promotion, tenure, and awards with attention to annual deadlines as well as CAS and University guidelines.\r\n• Advise Chair on CAS and University guidelines, policies, and procedures for all personnel matters.\r\n• Coordinate ballot processes for all personnel matters requiring departmental vote.\r\n• Process all work-study appointment paperwork.\r\n• Processes requests for new employee information packets and staff systems access.\r\n• Assists in department faculty searches.\r\n• Monitors deadlines and assembles forms and support materials for performance programs and evaluations.\r\n• Researches and prepares Faculty materials the Annual Report and Program Reviews\r\n• Review staff performance programs annually with chair to ensure coverage, updates as needed, and prepare evaluation/program packages for chair/supervisor.\r\n• Supervise clerical office staff\r\n• Coordinates arrangements for visiting scholars. Processes paperwork through ISSS to get visas and maintains contact\r\nand responds as needed.", "• Complete annual department space survey.\r\n• Monitor space usage/availability and work with Chair to assign space in accordance with Department, CAS, and University guidelines.\r\n• Assist in preparing space for incoming personnel and oversee appropriate turnover of space by departing personnel.\r\n• Act as department point person for rehabilitations, questions, and concerns regarding space usage by the department. \r\n• Serves as liaison with offices in CAS, scheduling, CFA, Procurement, Financial services, travel and more.\r\n• Coordinate preparation/supplies for student show.\r\n• Assists the Chair in planning, implementation, and evaluations of programs and policies.\r\n• Coordinates all department activities such as department meetings, search committee meetings, etc.", "• Collaborate with chair, UGS, DGS, ATC for Student Programs and faculty to determine course needs, and enrollment capacities.\r\n• Schedule course rooms and times, to minimize conflict, and suit instructor needs.\r\n• Open/close all courses in HUB.\r\n• Submit paperwork to dual-list and cross-list courses.\r\n• Ensure instructor access to all courses on HUB.\r\n• Process changes to the schedule as needed.", "• Coordinate all departmental travel arrangements for departmental guests, and visiting scholars by making all travel arrangements such as airline, train, bus reservations, accommodations, arrange pick-ups, and all other pertinent travel arrangements as needed.\r\n• Maintain records of travel and reimbursement of expenses for reconciliation with proper financial accounts.\r\n• Review and approve all travel and reimbursement submissions to insure they meet policy guidelines and have proper documentation.\r\n• Attend workshops, seminars or meetings pertaining to any and all updates to state/research/UBF travel arrangement requirements and/or reimbursement processes to keep current on policies and procedures.", "• Administration of all departmental and faculty grants including maintaining accurate records of all financial activity in each and every grant.\r\n• Maintain the appropriate files for all grants and prepare up-to-date reports on a regular basis as determined by the grant principal investigator.\r\n• Review and approve all travel and reimbursement submissions to insure they meet policy guidelines and have proper documentation.\r\n• Purchases and eReqs as necessary\r\n• Personnel hires out of grants\r\n• Submit timesheets for research foundation and grant independent contractor employees"]

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