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Workforce Recruitment and Position Specialist

Buffalo, New York ~ January 02, 2019

["•\tReview position descriptions and determine the appropriate classification title and level for the position:\r\no\tWork as a team in the consistent evaluation and alignment of titles in departments \r\no\tAssist in the development and updating of UB description guidelines that better embrace University needs and functions\r\no\tPropose classification updates or new titles to SUNY and NYS Class and Comp", "•\tPost jobs and approve hires in UB Jobs\r\no\tReview posting and hiring information to be sure that all rules and policies have been followed\r\n•\tPromote and manage pooled postings (temporary pools, entry level positions, adjunct instructors (in the future))\r\no\tIdentify advertising opportunities to reach potential applicants\r\no\tReview applicant qualifications\r\no\tInterview candidates\r\no\tProvide a pool of candidates to departments when needed\r\n•\tCoordinate the classified recruitment \r\no\tWork with lists\r\no\tObtain clearance codes\r\no\tVerify employment eligibility\r\no\tManage seniority lists\r\n•\tMarket and advertise jobs\r\no\tWrite (or assist in writing) the position summary \r\no\tDevelop recruitment plans with departments\r\no\tPlace advertisements for postings\r\no\tParticipate in the advertisement of civil service examinations\r\n•\tDevelop recruitment packets\r\no\tFirst line reviewer of applicants \r\no\tCreate and provide a list of appropriate interview questions\r\no\tDevelop a recruitment timeline and goals\r\n•\tServe on search committees \r\n•\tKeep an open dialog with the community\r\no\tIdentify and recommend candidates for interview from our special interest groups\r\no\tParticipate in job fairs\r\no\tEncourage potential applicants to participate in internal talent pools\r\n•\tConduct and evaluate background checks", "•\tAct as a one stop shop advisor to employees:\r\no\tDisability advocate to coordinate services needed\r\no\tGive advice on how to grow and advance at UB\r\no\tHelp transition active military men and women back into the workplace\r\n•\tMeet with supervisors to educate and evaluate the results of stay interviews \r\n•\tConduct confidential exit interviews to identify employment concerns", "•\tPrimary liaison with the Department of Civil Service and issues related to staffing and lists \r\n•\tScore decentralized examinations"]

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