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How to Build Your Online Reputation

The Career Exposure Network™ Recommends Five Best Practices

The rise in use of social networking technology to communicate with friends and build networks is having a negative impact on job seekers, according to the The Career Exposure Network™, the leading source of niche job sites for women, diversity and MBAs.

"Any activity online, from Facebook to Twitter to Linkedin, provides a potential employer a view into your professional behavior," commented JillXan Donnelly of The Career Exposure Network™. "Job seekers need to pay particular attention to how they behave in the online world to preserve and build their professional reputation."

Tips for building your online reputation include:

  1. Create a professional website: A simple Web site has become increasingly easy to create, thanks to tools provided by hosting companies. Your Web site can include a narrative of your skills and experience in addition to your resume, published articles, awards and other recognition.
  2. Start blogging: Much like Web sites, blogs are also becoming simple to create. Having your own blog provides a means to comment on news that is relevant to your profession and to showcase your thoughts and insights. Remember that your current or potential employer may view your blog or your posts on other blogs. Comment intelligently. Don't post rants, negative comments or air dirty laundry on any blog.
  3. Buy your name: Hosting your Web sit or blog with your own domain name is a great way to build a solid online reputation. With domain properties becoming increasing unavailable, now is the time to take action on owning your name. Also consider buying a domain name that describes your area of expertise such ColorForecastingConsultant.com or PharmacueticalMarketingExpert.com, ProductMarketingConsultant.com etc. These category-defining names will help brand you.
  4. Limit your online profiles: Having multiple online profiles is difficult to manage and update. Focus on a few and make sure that they are kept up-to-date so that potential employers can find you. Make sure to control, monitor &/or adjust your privacy setting for personal sites on social site(s).
  5. Create online content that can link back to you: Web sites are in constant need of good content. Consider writing an article for a trade publication or newsletter in your industry. After publication, post the article on your Web site and make sure that it includes reference to your site address so that readers can find you.

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