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Building Your Career on the Move up the Corporate Ladder

Find a position that will enable you to be an expert in a specific area. As an expert, your skills become indispensable and you create your own "brand." By having a brand, you can create your own opportunities. Be known for something such as "the transportation expert" or "the project management guru".

Nearly every position in an organization can have benefit to building your career. The key is to be flexible. For example, volunteer for leadership opportunities and head up teams that will allow you to gain valuable management experience.

You need to constantly broaden your horizons and skills. Be the best that you can be in every position and become knowledgeable about how your role contributes to the bottom line. If you want to succeed, you have to look for opportunities; they won't just fall in your lap.

Gaining Niche Talent Requires Niche Know-how

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