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Beyond the Resume: What Recruiters Look For

Let's assume that I have numerous candidates that meet the job qualifications...What next? Beyond Qualifications what are today's top recruiters looking for? We asked our expert recruiters and here are their responses:

  • Intelligence, Enthusiasm, Energetic.
  • Will you give the job 100%?
  • Are you able to adapt to the tasks, challenges and changes of the job circumstance?
  • Are you flexible in your thinking?
  • Do you think outside the box?
  • Can you identify problems, propose solutions and then solve them?
  • Are you an active or passive employee?
  • Are you a self-starter?
  • Do you work well in a team atmosphere?
  • Do you communicate effectively?
  • Are you a leader? Are you an influencer? Are you willing to stand by your performance? Will you accept responsibility for reaching goals? Do you seek out bottom-line responsibility?
  • Do you present yourself professionally?
  • Do you know how to handle yourself in a business situation?
  • Can you work in the team environment but still maintain the ethic of personal responsibility?
  • If you see a problem do you pass the buck or are you willing to do what it takes to solve it?
  • Are you able to prioritize?
  • Are you able to meet deadlines?

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