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7 Most Common Interview Questions

You’ve spent hours and hours over the course of several weeks sending out the best resume, complete with a personalized cover letter for each job, and you mostly hear nothing. Crickets ... Read More

Education and the Digital Economy Strategies that Lead to Success

If you plan to pursue an MBA or are in the process of earning such a master’s degree, you need to ensure that you graduate with the skills needed to succeed in the digital economy. The digital economy facilitates the good-and-services trade process courtesy of electronic commerce on the World Wide Web. Furthermore, the digital economy is spreading to every sector, which means that there’ll be plenty of opportunities for MBA graduates such as yourself. ... Read More

Using Niche Job Boards Net Bigger Benefits Opposed to Larger Job Boards

Niche job boards certainly serve up a variety of benefits. Hiring managers can target the best candidates, and job seekers can find the best fit for their professional goals. ... Read More

Women in Tech Championing the Cause for IT Women

It’s not news anymore there are relatively few women in IT, and when you find them they do not always command the same level of respect as their male counterparts. Some of the evidence lies in the disparity between the salaries ... Read More

What You Need to Know About Jobs in the Tech Industry

Why Consider a Job in the Tech Industry? Are you tech savvy, talented and knowledgeable, with the ability to apply your knowledge of technology to solve problems and add value to humanity? If this describes you, consider yourself sought after in a time when technology experts are in high demand. ... Read More

Structuring Your Blog Post Content Sensibly

Making sure your blog content is relevant will help you succeed in your SEO and link-building activities. However, you want to concentrate on how the content is structured too. That means planning how you will interlink pages, present the material and develop ... Read More

4 Effective Questions You Could Ask at a Job Interview

We often prepare ourselves to answer questions at a job interview; the usual strengths and weaknesses, why you want the job, the skills you would be bringing to the company and so on. Unfortunately, some candidates are so focused on preparing answers ... Read More

Improving Your Employability

As population continues to grow at an alarming rate, it opens up a number of problems in its path. One of them is Unemployment. Unemployment continues to grow despite efforts by government to create policies to increase employment ... Read More

3 Types of Candidates Who Struggle With Landing Interviews

You knew finding a job wouldn’t be a breeze, but now you’re getting hot under the collar. You’re familiar with all the job boards out there, you send out resumes every day, you’ve even tweeted at that friend of a friend who runs his own company to ask about any openings available. You’re beginning to feel that you’re on a fast track to becoming ... Read More

How to Hone Your Tech Skills to Cope in the IT Industry

The IT industry is a constantly evolving one, and strong technical skills are becoming more important as time goes on. Even with the ease of use characteristic to a lot of computer functions, the cutting edge of Information Technology is more complex than ever. In order to cope, more knowledge, skills and useful experience is needed to empower you to cope in ... Read More

What you should do while expecting your dream job

The first thing to do is avoid doing nothing. You cannot afford to simply churn out job application after job application and hope for the best. You have to take matters in your own hands and actively promote yourself to companies as well as boost your résumé. ... Read More

Is Having a High Emotional Intelligence Always a Good Thing in the Workplace?

We have all read about the benefits of emotional intelligence (EQ) and why every company needs to hire individuals with top EQ qualities. In fact, in his book, Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman touts EQ as one of the best hiring strategies recruiters use to ensure workplace harmony. But ... Read More

Seven Important Questions to Ask Your Prospective Social Media Manager

Over the years, social media has grown to become a vital aspect of online marketing. It’s no longer just a place for people to make friends, share ideas, or talk about what they ate the previous night; it’s now an avenue for content marketers, brands, and sales people to reach out to consumers in the hope of inspiring engagement and generating leads ... Read More

Where the Beauty Industry Will Be in a Couple of Years

The industry proved resilient even during the terrible 2008 recession and since then, it has only waxed stronger. It only takes a minute to look around and note the number of faces with makeup on ... Read More

Why Learning Language Is An Essential Career Building Tool

The standard of language education in predominantly English speaking countries is not good and in most cases, it does not start until high school which makes it difficult to pick up with all the other distractions around. Most students ... Read More

Being An Effective Leader

Being an effective leader not only impacts your own life but the others that are following your lead. It is why it is essential that you learn all the aspects of becoming an effective leader. You will need to be self-analytical when carrying this out and make the changes needed to improve your performance. In this article, I will talk about the different qualities required ... Read More

7 Effective Stress-Busting Techniques for Salespeople

Your alarm clock goes off for the nth time this morning. Snooze button abused. You’re late for work — so you miss breakfast and grab a coffee on the way – which, of course, you spill on your suit. Arrive at the office ... Read More

Why Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness has become a bit of a buzzword over the last few years. But just what does being mindful mean and how does ... Read More

Study: Whopping 93% Say They're More Productive Working Remotely

Are you more productive out of the office? If so, you're on trend ... Read More