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What you should do while expecting your dream job

By: James Cummings

The first thing to do is avoid doing nothing. You cannot afford to simply churn out job application after job application and hope for the best. You have to take matters in your own hands and actively promote yourself to companies as well as boost your résumé.

There are thousands of job seekers out there who want the same job that you do. If you want to have an edge over the competition then you need to start making smart moves that will distinguish you from your fellow applicants. An education and a sparse résumé will not be enough to distinguish you, thus you can do the following to set yourself apart.

  1. Use social media to your advantage.

Not long ago, news broke about Harvard University rejecting the applications of students who they had already accepted into their institution. Harvard chose to reject these students for one simple reason – their online activity. Apparently these students had posted certain distasteful content online and this led Harvard to deem them unworthy of attending the prestigious institution. An employer can do the same thing to a prospective employee with distasteful content on their social media pages. Instead of using social media to ruin your chances of getting your dream job, you can use it to your advantage by putting up insightful posts related to your chosen career field. If your social media handle is connected to the handles of your favourite top organisations, there’s a possibility they will take notice of your online activity and be impressed by it. If rightly done, social media can be used to showcase your intellect and potential to prospective employers.

     2. Have a blog.

Not only is this a great way to pass the time, it’s also a great way to sell yourself. By owning a professional blog that’s dedicated to discussing matters related to your chosen career field, and actually putting up intelligent and noteworthy content, you can become seen as an actual expert by many. But for this to happen, the content on your blog will have to be intelligently crafted and pertinent to your chosen professional field. Plagiarising other people’s works is not an option as this will make you seem like a fraud to prospective employers. Original content that are your own genuine thoughts about the state of your chosen profession and how it can be improved can show employers how much you have to offer. The domain name of your blog is also important if you are to be taken seriously. According to Domains4less, “…a professional sounding domain name makes a site seem professional, while a playful domain name makes a website seem otherwise…”

   3. Networking and meeting the right people.

It’s easier to open the doors that will lead you to accomplishing your career goals if you know and meet the right people. This is where networking comes in. By attending seminars and such, you get an opportunity to rub shoulders with individuals who have made a mark for themselves in your chosen line of profession. Getting to shake hands with these people and make a good first impression might be a great first step towards you getting that dream job.

Platforms such as LinkedIn are another great way to network and meet people who are an active part of your chosen line of profession. By putting up posts from the earlier discussed blog on your LinkedIn page, you get to directly sell yourself to the right people with the right content. Network developing isn’t only useful when looking for a job. Connections made will still come in handy for a variety of purposes long after you are employed.

   4. Broaden your knowledge.

No knowledge is wasted so while searching for your dream job, do not hesitate to further your education. It will be highly beneficial if you take a few professional courses to broaden your knowledge. Not only does this make you more knowledgeable, it also makes you a more appealing candidate for a job. But be sure the courses you are taking are pertinent to your chosen line of profession. Also, it’s better if the course is taken with an accredited institution that’s capable of issuing you a recognisable certificate. Internationally recognised certification institutions can be found here.

Theoretical knowledge isn’t the only way to broaden your mind. You can expand your knowledge by also getting on hand experience as an intern with a firm that operates along the line of your chosen profession. This will not be your dream job, but it is an effective way to gain applicable knowledge about your dream job and make you a prime candidate for when that opportunity presents itself. It doesn’t matter how mediocre the job/internship is as long as you get to witness first-hand how things are done and gain pertinent knowledge. Such work experience and initiative can also shine through on your résumé.

By following these tips, you are being productive and actively building yourself into a prime candidate for your dream job.