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What You Need to Know About Jobs in the Tech Industry

By: James Cummings

Why Consider a Job in the Tech Industry?

Are you tech savvy, talented and knowledgeable, with the ability to apply your knowledge of technology to solve problems and add value to humanity? If this describes you, consider yourself sought after in a time when technology experts are in high demand.

Man depends on technology in diverse aspects of life; to solve problems that have made life easier for the entire human race. From way back, technology has always been crucial in solving man’s problems. What is even more interesting is that evolving technology presents the world with incredible solutions in the form of high-tech gadgets, software, apps and other mind-blowing inventions that can assist in day-to-day activities.

Can you imagine what the future of the tech industry will look like a few years from now?

A Relevant and Resilient Industry

Tech experts are always in high demand the world over and this means that if you diligently update your knowledge as technology advances, you will never lose your relevance as a tech professional because the world is always in need of your services to solve its problems.

Kudos to you if you are already an expert in the tech industry. Perhaps you are a newbie in the industry looking to hone your tech skills so that you too can add value to society and build a career. Whether you need to change jobs or to land the job of your dreams in the tech industry, lots of career opportunities await you. And, if you are inclined, you could even establish a startup and be your own boss.

               An Industry Built on Synergy and Collaboration

One thing you should always keep in mind as a tech professional is the reliance of tech companies on one another to optimise their services to guarantee efficiency and customer satisfaction. For example, Umbrellar Cloud is a critical service for lots of tech firms. As a huge web hosting company with a growing client base, Umbrellar provides various tech solutions to “small businesses, marketing agencies, fellow web specialists like SaaS developers and even the largest corporate enterprises…” IBM and GNS Science, for instance, are some of the big names that work with Umbrellar Cloud to ensure seamless service provision to their customers.

               The way in which tech companies are intertwined and inter-reliant present a massive number of peripheral jobs too.

According to networkcomputing.com, “the power of technology is wielding a huge impact on the US labour market. As cloud computing, mobility, big data, automation, and social technologies become common elements for businesses of all sizes, - and as cybersecurity becomes a constant concern - the need for employees with technical expertise is growing. That's great news for tech workers, leading to more available jobs and significantly higher wages than other professions.”

Obviously, the tech industry has pride of place among other sectors which of course provide solutions to man’s problems in their own particular ways. Growth is one thing that is synonymous with the tech industry. Studies reveal that the job vacancy for IT experts in the UK saw a significant increase in the first quarter of 2017, and has remained resilient despite the economic and political uncertainties that have affected hiring in other sectors of the economy since 2016. Developers and software engineers are particularly sought after, accounting for 14% of total demand while the vacancies for IT managers made up 4% of the total number of roles reported latesthackingnews.com.

According to a Forbes article by Joel Kotkin “A growing tech industry is often considered the ultimate sign of a healthy local economy.” Technology is, of course, a major contributor to the global economy as well with excellent prospects.

  The Tech Industry Prospects: Endless Possibilities

As a knowledgeable and skilled graduate in any of the technology fields, you do have limitless opportunities when it comes to choosing a career path. Employers in the tech industry are looking to hire information technology graduates and computer science graduates who can be their company’s computer software engineers, web developers, SEO experts, app developers, you name it. Techies are no doubt in high demand.

According to recent research, jobs in computer software engineering are expected to grow by as much as 32 percent by 2018 while the employment of tech experts is estimated to grow by 19 percent through 2020. Being tech savvy regardless of your field gives you an edge over the non-tech savvy because virtually every employer is looking for people with some level of technological knowledge and skill no matter how basic, so they can be more efficient in their duties as the world goes digital and technology advances. So you can either step up and join the trend for your own good or lag behind and remain behind to your detriment.

A Sew Tech Jobs You Might Want to Consider

As a tech professional, your prospects are endless. Below are some of the trending tech jobs on our site that you might want to build a career in:

  • Mobile/Web application developer: This is one aspect of the tech industry that enjoys considerable patronage today, thanks to the internet and the advance in mobile technology. If you are a skilled mobile app and/or website developer, carving a niche for yourself in the tech industry shouldn’t be a problem.
  • IT Consultant: Are you an IT consultant? If you are, I bet you know by now that your services are in high demand both on the local and international scene as so many companies need you to guide them on how to become more efficient about how they run their computer systems.
  • System Administrator: As a system administrator, your basic role is to monitor and maintain the business technology assets in addition to certain other job roles and responsibilities. Your chances of being promoted to a higher position as a system administrator are quite high.